Application Security Testing Tools: Complete Guide



These days one of the interesting topics is the application security of different applications either that one is android, ios, or web application. For testing, the application utilizes application security testing tools. There are different application security testing tools that are available in the market for test different applications. In the field of security testing, different domains exist like network security testing, mobile application security testing, web application security testing, IoT devices security testing, and cloud security testing.

Application Security Testing Tools

Different application security testing tools exist some of the best application security testing tools are listed below:

  • Netsparker
  • Acunetix
  • Core impact
  • Hackerone
  • Intruder
  • Indusface WAS Free web application security testing
  • Brechlock
  • Metasploit
  • Wireshark
  • Kali Linux
  • Nessus
  • Burp suit
  • Sqlmap


Netsparker is an efficient application security testing tool and automated scanner that identifies SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting weaknesses in online apps and web APIs. The detected vulnerabilities are validated in a unique method by Netsparker, guaranteeing that they are actual and not false alarms.

As a result, after a scan is completed, you won’t have to waste hours manually confirming the detected vulnerabilities.


Acunetix is an online vulnerability scanner (application security testing tool) that identifies and reports on over 4500 security flaws, including all SQL Injection and XSS variations.

It augments the function of a penetration tester by automating activities that would otherwise take hours to do manually, while also giving accurate results with no false positives at lightning speed.

Acunetix supports HTML5, JavaScript, and single-page apps, as well as content management systems (CMS). It interacts with major Issue Trackers and WAFs and offers powerful manual tools for security researchers.

Core Impact

Core Impact claims to have the most vulnerabilities available, claiming to have been in the industry for over 20 years. They also allow you to run free Metasploit exploitation within their architecture if they don’t have one. They use wizards to automate many procedures, keep a comprehensive audit trail that includes PowerShell instructions, and can re-test a client by playing the electronic record.

To ensure quality, Core creates its own ‘Advert Grade’ exploits and provides technical assistance for both those attacks and their technology.

They purport to be the global leader, and they used to charge accordingly. The price has lately dropped, and they now have models that are suitable for both business and security consultants.


One of the best application security testing tools is Hackerone. It is capable of detecting and repairing significant flaws. HackerOne is becoming increasingly popular among Fortune 500 and Forbes Global 1000 organizations due to its quick on-demand delivery. You may get started in as little as seven days and see benefits in as little as four weeks.

You won’t have to wait for a report to identify vulnerabilities with this hacker-powered security platform; it will notify you as soon as a vulnerability is discovered. Using technologies like Slack, you’ll be able to interact directly with your staff. It integrates with tools like GitHub and Jira, allowing you to interact with development teams.

SOC2, ISO, PCI, HITRUST, and other compliance requirements may all be met using HackerOne. Additional testing will not incur any further charges.

HackerOne’s partners include the US Defense department, Google, the CERT Utilization Of this existing, and others, and the company has discovered over 120,000 vulnerabilities and paid out over $80 million in bug bounties.


Intruder is a sophisticated vulnerability scanner that detects cybersecurity flaws in your digital estate, explains the dangers, and assists you in remediating them before a breach occurs. It’s the ideal solution for helping you automate your vulnerability scanning.

Intruder makes entrepreneurship security testing accessible to businesses of all sizes, with over 9,000 security tests available. Misconfigurations, missing patches, and typical web application problems like SQL injection and cross-site scripting are among the security tests it does.

Intruder, which was created by seasoned security specialists, takes care of a lot of the headaches associated with vulnerability management, allowing you to focus on what really matters. It saves you time by sorting results based on their contextual and proactively scanning your systems for the newest vulnerabilities so you don’t have to.

Intruder also interfaces with Slack and Jira, as well as significant cloud providers.

Breachlock inc

RATA (Reliable Attack Testing Automation)  Web Application Vulnerability Scanner is the profession’s first automatic web vulnerability scanner powered by Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, and Human Hackers.


RATA Web is a website vulnerability scanner that doesn’t require any security knowledge, hardware, or software to use. You may conduct vulnerability analysis with only a few clicks and obtain a report describing the findings, as well as suggestions for potential solutions.


This is the most sophisticated and widely used framework for penetration testing. It is based on the notion of a “exploit,” which is a code capable of bypassing security measures and gaining access to a system. When it is input, it executes a ‘payload,’ which is a piece of code that conducts operations on a target system, resulting in an ideal foundation for penetration testing.

It may be used on websites, networks, and servers, among other things. It runs on Linux, Apple Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows and has both a command-line and a GUI clickable interface.


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