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Identity Governance and Administration tools help businesses manage the Identity and access life- cycles throughout multiple business networks. These software products help automate account provisioning, complete access requests, manage passwords, and govern user certification and access processes. Businesses strive to maintain full control over digital identities connected to accounts spread across the business network. Plus, they need solutions that boost productivity with ease of use, business agility, mobility, and low total cost of ownership.

Here are the best Identity Governance and Administration tools you should consider:

Top Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) Tools

Identity Governance and Administration Tool


The Identity Governance and Administration tools provided by SailPoint enhance how business enterprises secure their corporate infrastructure, applications, and data using an on-premise platform or a single cloud. Sail Point is in the KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for IGA.


The Identity Governance Suite provided by Oracle supplies an integrated solution that helps businesses centralized security management for web services and applications. It also streamlines contact points for support under one license. Oracle also happens to be in the KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for Identity Governance and Administration.

Fischer Identity

Fischer’s identity administration tool provides Access Governance capabilities to reliably automate the control of user accounts and privileges throughout internal and external systems. Key factors include user risk profiles and roles.


Broadcom’s Layer7 identity governance and administration platform provide an integrated tool to enhance role discovery, privileged user governance, identity compliance, and life cycle management.


Another industry-leading Identity Governance and Administration tool, IBM’s Security Identity Governance and Administration solutions include entity Governance and Intelligence. It combines the IBM Security Identity Manager with IBM Security Identity Governance solutions to deliver more robust automation. Also, they provide potent governance capabilities in the identity governance and security market. Last year, IBM’s IGA services stood in the highlights of the KuppingerCole Leadership Compass.

Identity Automation IGA

The solutions provided by Identity Automation include Rapid Identity compatible with identity governance and administration, access, automated provisioning, and account management. The KuppingerCole Leadership Compass recognized Identity Automation as a top performer in Identity Governance and Administration for 2020.

Micro Focus

The IGA solutions supplied by Micro Focus give users complete access to both NetIQ Identity Management and Governance. The solutions package includes multiple optional add-ons such as Identity Governance, NetIQ Access Governance Suite, and Access Review. Micro Focus is in the 2020 KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for IGA.

HID Global

HID Global, a prominent biometric authentication solution provider, provides capabilities that enhance extensive granular and multifactor authentication protocols and extensive user access governance. HID Global provides access control systems with a wide range of support for different credential technologies. HID Global identity governance and administration tools provide customization features to meet original use cases with other verticals.


Omada provides excellent dashboards with a very flexible data model and robust reporting capabilities, including closed-loop reporting. The user interface components of the entire Identity Governance life cycle also support flexible data models for different user attributes.


Tools4ever gives users affordable, standard Identity Governance and Administration solutions that businesses can deploy and adapt quickly. The solutions provided can get managed with ease by local enterprise IT security teams. Tools4ever offers an in-house team of IT consultants to help with the deployment and implementation process, including self-service resets, audit logs, centralized access reporting, and SSO – all of which help enhance identity governance. So, how can you ignore this incredible Identity Governance and Administration tool?

One Identity

One Identity governance and administration tool provide unified governance to address enterprise management, industry compliance, and auditing needs. One Identity Governance and Administration uses an integrated approach to account governance, which offers quick time-to-value with its comprehensive functionality. One Identity is a prominent leader in the 2020 KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for Identity Governance and Administration.

Ping Identity Governance and Administration

Ping Identity provides a data governance solution designed to establish centralized policy control over access to the stored identities of a business. Including profiles for both users and related third parties. Also, Ping Identity provides scalable Single Sign-On capabilities and supports multiple workforces, consumer identity use-cases, and third-party. Absolutely a marvelous Identity Governance and Administration tool!


PlainID provides governance and administration services that offer a policy-based access control service. The IGA solutions simplify access authorization to a single point of decision, control, and a unified point of view across business applications, cloud, mobile, and legacy. Thanks to extensive infrastructure and support, PlainID established global enterprise clients across multiple sectors.


RSA provides identity governance and administration services using the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle tool. An extensively scalable Identity Management solution built using individually licensed features. RSA is highlighted in the 2020 KuppingerCole Leadership Compass as well.


Simeio governance solutions offer a unique Identity Orchestrator platform that helps automate compliance reporting. The solutions protect business networks from internal and external threats with access creep prevention, password and role management, identity proofing, and segregation of duties enforcement. Simeio, one of the vital Identity Governance and Administration tools, is recognized in the KuppingerCole IGA Leadership Compass.

Critical Considerations for Identity Governance and Administration

The current cybersecurity environment encourages businesses to track who’s accessing their networks in real-time. The tools listed above help establish reliable logs of the access and permissions that enhance governmental and industry compliance. Also, consider how workflows tend to increase as you strive to scale your businesses. Having more reports and data to manage can significantly overwhelm all but the most comprehensive IT departments. Hence it would be best to implement a strong Identity Governance and Administration solution primarily if your business deals with compliance mandates and needs automated workflows.


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