Can Identity Governance Administration Manage Cloud Applications?



The term IGA is known as Identity Governance Administration and is one of the significant components of modern computing that works at the core of the servers. IGA ensures the protection of its clients’ servers, users, and data.

IGA allows its users to produce dynamic business opportunities and help them grow and improve themselves using multiple options. IGA also supports various new and broad technologies.

IGA is mainly a policy system that enforces the handling of user accounts ranging from their creation, management, and protection under the shed of a working organization. Basically, Identity Governance Administration provides any enterprise the opportunity to invoke better paths for more organized and enhanced consumer protection.

IGA also provides some set of rules which are mitigated in the ecosystem to produce better and new methods for user and server protection. The organizations, with the help of IGA, can be entitled to but not limited towards:

  • An enhanced model for certification with proper accountability
  • Improving the operational activities of an organization
  • Follows the guidelines provided by the governments but also maintains the standards

Any organization using Identity Governance Administration as a part of their systems are expected to handle the following types of business security problems:

  • Fast and improved access 
  • Economical operational costs
  • Improves compliance 
  • Reduces the risks 

Identity Governance Administration in Cloud Computing

Identity governance administration (IGA) and Identity administration management (IAM) are two of the central pillars when it comes to identity and access management solutions in cloud computing.

It is a comprehensive and holistic approach towards the more commonly used methods of security and administration in cloud computing. Identity management in cloud computing incorporates all categories of user-base who can operate in diverse scenarios and with specific devices.

A modern cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution:

  1. Helps in connecting the employees within an organization along with connecting professionals and devices securely and reliably using involved networks
  2. Is a convened job to allow network sharing among the clients using IGA
  3. Has Zero overhead regarding management to provide in Identity Governance Administration.
  4. Provides an enhanced user experience due to its fast and improved model
  5. Is easy to manage and mitigate
  6. Uses cloud computing and artificial intelligence to help a computing organization better
  7. Is highly scalable and allows any organization to set up its resources quickly
  8. Handles the availability issues as it is available at all times
  9. Is fast and has security improvements. Hence, it reduces the effect of threats related to cyber security.
  10. Providing a single and centralized view for the systems to secure them better
  11. Ensures that specific policies are met with and also reduces the factor for error while helping in improving security 

Challenges Faced By Cloud-Based Systems

Identity Governance Administration

Although the cloud-based systems are more advanced and newer, they still are vulnerable to identity and security threats and require appropriate management. Following are some of the dangers and challenges faced by modern cloud computing:

One of the major challenges that cloud systems face is managing issues and managing various users such as employees, contractors, etc. Associating multiple devices with each user can become an intricate task considering cloud systems, and hence Identity Governance Administration is there to help them in this case.

Whenever some new entries are made into the system regarding employees or others, it gets challenging to manage and keep a record of them until some regulations are met. Using cloud systems, it becomes difficult to operate outside of an organization’s domain.

These abilities help the systems better connect to its users and all its resources irrespective of what protocol, platform, or provider is present.

IGA Solutions Against Challenges Faced by Cloud Computing

Enforce Policies:

IGA ensures that policies are followed and practiced around cloud applications and systems. They can be highly critical when working with cloud-based applications and procedures to ensure smooth, hassle-free management of their products. Enforcing policies are crucial in this domain, and Identity Governance Administration makes sure they are followed.

Security Analytics:

By combining identity data from cloud-based and on-premises applications and data stores, an identity governance solution can better detect risk factors such as orphan accounts in cloud apps, employees with excessive access rights, or employees who share documents too widely. It can also speed up and enhance the processing of security analytics and their products.

Provides A Single View:

Identity governance solutions can provide a single view of identity and access-related data across all applications and environments, including HR, financial, and other legacy applications incorporating data centers. You can also look at the data and determine for each application, and potentially for each document, precisely who has what level of access and how those rights were granted.

Advantages of Identity Governance Administration in The Cloud

  1. Provides more value to time as it is highly efficient and does not waste any time on configs and validations.
  2. It is highly economical as it has low operational costs and does not require additional cost-enhancing attributes like servers.
  3. Management is easy and simplified as no further, and enhanced management is required for hardware systems.


Identity governance and administration (IGA) is highly critical for security systems and providing a better and improved throughput towards the system. Identity governance helps an organization safeguard its resources and provide adequate resources for managing, creating, and enhancing the userspace.

It not only helps in the management part of things but also is a great option when it comes to identity issues and provides and enforces a comprehensive system. It is definitely a future prospect when it comes to security options and identity management resources. Hence every enterprise is moving forward for IGA installations in their respective domain. 

This is validation that Identity Governance Administration is the talk of the town nowadays and will further grow in the future. It should also be noted that it is unnecessary, and conditions should be accessed before mitigation.


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