Data Security And Natural Disasters



Everyone wants a thriving business, but if there are profits in business, there are losses too. The failure and success of any kind of business depend upon many factors. One of the essential factors is Data Security. Always remember: Datacenter security and natural disasters are closely related.

Data Security

Data Security is the most important step taken in every business. We live in a global world, and we depend on technology in almost every aspect of life. If we get offline for a while, we have to go through different kinds of losses. Especially in the case of business, being offline even for a shorter period can cause unaffordable effects. Data loss can cause you to lose your client’s trust, which is referred to as social glue in business. If you can’t ensure data security in business, it will cause you to lose your clients, ultimately failure in business.

Natural Disasters

Many factors cause data loss, but here we will discuss one of the major causes of data loss in business: Natural Disasters. Unfortunately, Natural Disasters are unpredictable and unavoidable.

Hence, they can cause a loss of data. According to one of the federal management agencies’ (FEMA) estimation, 40 to 60 percent of small businesses never reopen after facing data loss due to natural disasters.

Just because they don’t have any measures for data security in such an unpredictable situation, now it’s time to take measures for such kinds of possibilities.

You need to have a strong or we can say fool-proof association between Data security and natural disasters. It must be a part of a business plan as data security is the most critical factor, especially in businesses. 

Impacts On Data Security Due To Natural Disasters

Natural disasters like Earthquakes, Floods, Hurricanes, Pandemic, Tornadoes, Floods, Lightning can cause drastic impacts on data security. Data security and natural disasters need your immediate attention.

In 2015, there was lightning at Google European Datacenter about four times. This caused errors in 5% of their data. Although the company restored a lot of data, they were still unable to restore 0.000001% of data.

It may seem like a small number, but it affected their system badly. Similarly, 2017 was the most expensive hurricane season in US history, which caused data loss in many data centers. 

Moreover, in 2009, the Vodafone data center in Istanbul was devastated by a flood. That causes their huge loss of data. In 2015, Vodafone UK center Temporarily lost power again due to flooding.

The flood in 2012 caused extreme data loss in New York and New Jersey. Because data backup centers were located in the same geographic region and were hit by the same natural disaster, they faced the worst failure.

How To Ensure Data Security In Case Of Natural Disasters?

You can easily overcome the effects of natural disasters on data security Only if you have a proper plan for this. Serval steps can be taken to ensure data security in case of natural disasters.

Data security and natural disasters


A key to any thriving scheme is awareness. If we don’t even know how natural disasters can affect data security, we can’t take steps to prevent data loss.

First, we need to understand what kind of impacts natural disasters can cause on data Security and how to ensure Data Security in case of natural disasters.

Back-up Plans

The most crucial step that can be taken in data security against natural disasters is the backup plan. Back-up plans are beneficial. But in the case of business, backup plans must be powerful enough to face natural disasters.

Data Backing up should be done daily. In-house backing systems can’t work in case of natural disasters as they can easily be destroyed in natural disasters.

Backing up all the data to an off-site location would be the best step to be taken for data security.

Data must be backed up in multiple data centers; if natural disasters happen in one geographical region, this will give you data security.

Additionally, that site must be far away; otherwise, this will not provide data security against natural disasters because natural disasters like floods and earthquakes may occur on a large scale.

Cloud backup and recovery plan is also one of the best plans for data security against natural disasters.

One of the devastating tornadoes of 2012 in Joplin could have been a reason for the loss of massive data in Missouri. But because the data centers were moved to a new off-site location a few days before, so it got saved. It was noticed that if the tornado had hit a few days earlier, the data loss would have been disastrous. 

Physical Technology

After Backing up, you need to prepare for physical Technology. It would provide physical protection to hardware devices. Your physical Technology plan must include steps:

  1. Shutting down all hardware devices
  2. Try to wrap and move equipment
  3. Try to secure loose items

Preparation To Help Clients

There must be an emergency notice prepared for the company website in case of any unpredictable situation. The arrangement for routing the upcoming calls to an alternative site or the phone of relevant staff should be programmed.

Well Trained Staff

All qualified staff must be familiar with the data security plan so they can be able to handle the situation in case of any unpredictable condition. They should know how to ensure data security in case of natural disaster situations.

Insurance Policy

Your insurance policy should not only include operational losses but also have all aspects of business operations as well.

Modern Construction Techniques

Data security plans must be active to provide measures against natural disasters as Natural Disasters like hurricanes and wildfires are more frequent, so there would be less time to overcome them.

That’s why there must be modern construction techniques. They would provide better protection to data. Data security and natural disasters can only be to your benefit if they are secured properly with the latest, high-end manufacturing strategies.


You must have gotten an understanding of Data security and natural disasters. Don’t waste your time waiting for a natural disaster to blow and destroy your business. Ready your data security plans against natural disasters now. Secure your data and enjoy a thriving business.


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