Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) Tools

Dynamic application security testing

Dynamic application security testing (DAST) is a technique used to test, analyze, and anatomize the security level by attacking the web application’s vulnerabilities. Dynamic application security is a form of black-box security testing technique. When the application is running, attacks from outside are launched to check the vulnerabilities and loopholes. 

Pros of Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) Tools

  • Dynamic application security testing is independent of the technology.
  • It does not use source code.
  • DAST tool runs on all of the applications irrespective of the language used.
  • Dynamic Application security testing tools have less rate of alpha errors than others.
  • Dynamic Application Security Testing tools configure and analyze vulnerabilities when the application runs.

Cons of the Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) Tools

  • Dynamic Application Security Testing tools rely on security experts.
  • Visibility of source code is zero in the case of Dynamic Application Security Testing.
  • DAST tools make it difficult to point the error in the source code.
  • These Testing tools cannot locate the exact origin of the vulnerability.
  • It takes too long to scan the vulnerabilities.

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) Tools

There are many Dynamic Application Security Testing tools available such as:

  • Netsparker
  • Acunetix
  • Detectify
  • Portswigger
  • Hdiv Security
  • App check ltd
  • Indusface WAS

 Let’s get into details now…


Netsparker is the most acceptable Dynamic application security testing (DAST) tool used for web application security. Netsparker Dynamic application security testing (DAST) technique is designed for the enterprises that need customizable Dynamic application security testing (DAST) tools compatible with complex environments.

Accurate scanning, detection, and issue management assessment distinguish Netsparker from other Dynamic application security testing (DAST) tools. 

The perfectly evolved and advanced tool of Netsparker can scan and detect complex vulnerabilities. The Netsparker provides a compact and well-illustrated report along with a list of scanned vulnerabilities.

This report states every minute detail of exposure, how it can be exploited, the possible solution, and how you can avoid the loophole from being cracked. Moreover, it has well-developed authentication and detection functionalities.


Acunetix is one of the perfect Dynamic application security testing tools. It anatomizes the security controls and vulnerabilities in the web application by external attacks. This perfectly analyzes and identifies the risks before an attacker or hacker launches an actual attack. Black-box mode is available in Acunetix. Black-box mode is a technique of testing, examining, and building web applications security independently. A report along with a well-described list of vulnerabilities detected.

Salient Features

  • Acunetix ascertains, enlists, and inscribes all the domains and web applications of the client.
  • It uses C++ to build the scanner.
  • It has high efficiency along with a faster speed of solutions.
  • It can detect up to 6500 vulnerabilities.
  • Acunetix can assimilate with the tracking system that is already running and can help manage built-in functionalities.
  • Acunetix gives you a complete security view of your organization.


Detectify is a Dynamic application security testing (DAST) tool that is best for auditing and inspecting more than 2000 vulnerabilities. Detectify can detect and scan databases and web applications. Detectify uses automated security tests such as DNS misconfiguration, OWASP top 10, etc. It uses actual payloads for Dynamic application security testing (DAST). Detectify immediately notifies as soon as an anomaly is detected. Furthermore, it offers asset management, and it executes constant operating of sub-domains.


Portswigger is a type of dynamic application security testing (DAST) tool which offers a broad range of application security testing tools. It has tools and techniques for web applications testing, scanning, and security. It provides automated protection. The Enterprise version of Portswigger offers infinite scalability. Other salient features such as scheduled scans, detection functionalities, and a Web vulnerability scanner are also offered. It helps to find security loopholes and vulnerabilities.

Hdiv Security

Hdiv security is a dynamic application security testing (DAST) tool. It is best for consolidated application security. It detects security bugs and errors in business logic. Hdiv security automates the security through all phases of SDLC. 

Salient Features

  • Hdiv security is used to assimilate the application and pen-testing tools to get meaningful information.
  • Hdiv security uses the runtime data flow technique to enlist detailed information on the vulnerability in the report. 

Appcheck ltd

App check ltd is a dynamic application security testing (DAST) tool that is the most compatible with the self-regulation for the security vulnerability scan and detection. App check ltd offers you to launch scans immediately. Appcheck ltd has prejudiced profiles for scanning. It assists you in checking out the life cycle of development. Appcheck ltd offers zero-day detection. It can perform infrastructure and application scanning.

Indusface WAS

Indusface Was is one of the best Dynamic application security testing (DAST) tools for risk detection, which requires a wholly managed application. Indusface WAS is developed for an all-inclusive type of scanning. Indusface WAS can detect immediate and quick detection of vulnerabilities. 

Salient features

  • Indusface WAS authenticates the blacklisting tracing on all the platforms, including popular search engines.
  • The exclusive scanner of Indusface WAS gives you comprehensive and advanced Dynamic application security testing.
  • Indusface WAS gives a concise report, including all the identified vulnerabilities and loopholes solutions.

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