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If you want to make changes to your Wi-Fi network, you must first log into your router’s software, otherwise referred to as firmware. A gateway router keeps the settings to manage your home Wi-Fi network service. Knowing how to access the gateway router allows you to create guest networks, change the name of your network, alter the password, adjust security levels, including setting up a wider variety of options.

How To Access Gateway Router?

Logging into your router’s network is no different whether you use your router or your internet service providers’. Also, even if you use a dedicated router or a combination modem supplied by your service provider.

How To Access Gateway Router IP Address

You can log into your router’s firmware using a browser. All you do is type the IP address of your router in the browser’s search field. Most routers may use the address But this is not always the case. You may first have to confirm the address of your router before doing anything.

How can I find my Router’s IP Address?

First, open the Windows search bar and type cmd to run the command prompt. Next, type ipconfig in the command prompt and run the command by pressing Enter.

Scroll through the generated data until you come across a setting for Default Gateway under Ethernet or Wireless LAN adapter. That is your router, and the IP address is the number right next to it. You can close the cmd window once you finish.

How to Access Gateway Router IP Address if you’re using Windows 10?

You may also Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Status > View hardware and connection properties. The screen will display the details for all the different connections on the network.

Then, scan the entry for Wi-Fi or Ethernet and look for the Default Gateway setting to locate your router’s IP address. Copy the IP address, paste/type it into your browser’s address field, and press Enter.

How to Access Gateway Router IP Address through IOS?

  • Tap Wi-Fi
  • Ensure your phone gets connected to your router’s Wi-Fi
  • Tap the ‘i’ to the right side of the Network Name
  • You notice your router’s IP address appearing next to ‘Router.’

How to Access Gateway Router IP Address through Android?

  • Ensure your device gets connected to the router’s network, Wi-Fi
  • Tap the network name
  • Search for a ‘gateway,’ ‘router,’ or similar entry on the list.

However, some devices may not list the router’s IP address. But, you can still use another device to search and find it. Also, you can browse the stickers or the router’s manual to find the default address.

How to Access Gateway Username and Password?

Once you type in the IP address and the page loads, you’ll need to enter a username and password to access your firmware on the router. The details are usually the default username and password set for your router or a unique username and password that you have created when managing the configurations for the router.

If you already created your username and password, you log in using the credentials you registered

However, if you lose your login credentials, some routers offer a password-recovery provision. If your router is like that, the option will get presented after entering the wrong username and password credentials several times.

Typically, the password reset window will request you to enter your router’s serial number, which you find at the bottom or backside of the router. Suppose your router still has the default login credentials. In that case, the default username for many gateway routers is “admin,” and the default password, “password.” You can try that combination to see if you gain access.

Otherwise, you can run a web search for the default username and password of the brand of your router.

Another option for you is to check a Router Passwords website. Here, you can select the manufacturer of your router and retrieve the list of default usernames and passwords for that brand.

After all, this, if you still can’t log into the firmware on your router, perhaps you’ll reset the gateway device to revert all settings to defaults. There’s usually a tiny reset button installed on routers.

You can a pointed object, like a paper clip, to push and hold the reset button for about 10 seconds. Now, you must be able to log into your router with the default username and password credentials.

Changing the Router Login

First, you should change the username and password on your router from their defaults. You can improve your router’s security significantly by ensuring that you alone have access to the firmware. Some routers allow you to change both the username and password. While with others, you may only change the password, but the username remains typically stuck as “admin.”

Changing the Settings on Your Router

After you legally gain access to the router’s firmware, you’re free to change any elements you wish to modify. The changes include the network name and password, the Wi-Fi password, and security levels. You can set up parental controls, create guest networks, and manage all attached devices. But, ensure to apply any changes you make before you switch to the next screen.

Documentation and built-in help are available to help you navigate the different options.

Modern, more recent routers have set up wizards that help take care of some complicated work for you.

Gateway Router Troubleshooting Tips

Suppose the login screen does not appear. In that case, the gateway IP address may have gotten entered under your network adapter settings manually. You can check this under:

  • Open Windows’ Control Panel and search for ‘network.’ Then, Click Network Connections, under Network and Sharing Center.
  • You right-click on the network adapter you connected to the internet with (wireless or Ethernet for a PC) and select Properties.
  • Scroll down the list to locate the Internet Protocol Version 4. Click on it and then click Properties.
  • Select Obtain an IP address automatically, also Obtain DNS server address.
  • Repeat the previous steps to check the problem has gotten fixed.

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