Application Security Testing

Do your security specialists and resources have the essential capabilities to assure security while you build more complicated software than ever before? Rivalime’s security testing service gives you constant access to security specialists who have the resources, knowledge, and discipline to examine any app at any time thoroughly and at any cost.

Application Security testing services


You can monitor and manage your security assessments using our simple, always-on site. You can schedule tests, select the amount of testing you want, and make changes when your company's needs or threats change.


We offer scalable testing options for resource-constrained businesses that can be employed on-demand, by subscription, or on-site.


A complete examination of data, detailed reporting, and practical repair suggestions are part of our blended, manual, and tool-based assessment methodology


The quality of tests will be the same for all types of applications.



Allow us to walk you through the findings of your tests and assist you in developing the best plan for your needs.