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Rivalime provides application security testing services to reduce software weaknesses and enhance the source code’s protection against potential cyber attacks.

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    Our Areas of Expertise

    Through Rivalime's Web Application security solutions, we analyze your application for any weaknesses that may jeopardize the secrecy, consistency, and access to important or sensitive information. This process also reviews how well current controls are performing to ensure that applications and organizations are protected from potential app-related risks and hazards. Our application security professionals use both manual techniques and automated tools to conduct thorough assessments. Based on the situation, the teams supplement application security measures, including dynamic analysis and code reviews.

    • Test Prioritization

    • Detailed Manual Application Testing

    • Application Source Code Review

    • Detailed Security Testing Report

    • Software Development Lifecycle Consulting (S-SDLC)

    • Security Testing of Server-Side Applications

    Rivalime Prioritized Testing is an approach that focuses on tangible attacks, allowing organizations to achieve optimal productivity while staying in compliance with regulations. Our security consultants will assess your applications rigorously, determine the existing vulnerabilities, and remove them accordingly. With the assistance of Rivalime’s security experts, you can leverage this solution to streamline your testing process, reduce test execution time, and lower costs without compromising the quality of the application.

    At Rivalime, we specialize in Detailed Manual Application Testing, ensuring that software applications are thoroughly examined and any problems or issues that could affect user experience are reported. Our team of seasoned security professionals put in a huge effort to manually test web security, so any vulnerabilities present in business-related web applications and processes can be identified. Our service provides comprehensive testing services for web and mobile applications, such as functional testing, regression testing, integration testing, usability testing, and security testing.

    Testing applications requires source code inspection to ensure appropriate security controls are present and are performing as expected. Rivalime security testing services incorporate automated and manual checks to guarantee accuracy. Our professionals offer expertise in Application Source Code Review, analyzing software source code to identify and report potential security vulnerabilities, bugs, and code quality issues. We provide comprehensive code review services, including code analysis, vulnerability assessment, and compliance review.

    Rivalime's team of expert testers has a comprehensive understanding of security testing methodologies, such as penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, and threat modeling. After we complete our security tests, we produce a thorough report that compiles all conducted activities and discovered flaws, classifying them based on the degree of their severity, source, and type. Our ideal security testing report includes suggested remedial measures or a plan before a malicious attack occurs. Consult us to get yours today!

    Rivalime's expertise in Software Development Lifecycle Consulting (S-SDLC) includes providing guidance and support for the entire software development process, from planning and design to development and deployment. We integrate security strategies into your software development cycle, improve existing ones and train your development team on constructing secure protocols that comply with industry standards. Rivalime's S-SDLC consulting team has a proven track record of delivering high-quality software solutions that meet the needs of their clients while ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

    As seasoned Security Testing specialists for Server-Side Applications, Rivalime's developers have the expertise and abilities to guarantee maximum security for your business' vital systems and data. Rivalime's web safety consulting involves looking for server-side weaknesses that would allow hackers to access web or database servers and cause extensive damage to a company's assets. With a thorough knowledge of the newest security risks and vulnerabilities, we conduct extensive security testing and investigation to pinpoint and solve any potential issues.

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    Why Should You Consider Application Security Testing Services for Business Success?

    Business continuity and success depend on the security of your applications. It's imperative to handle application security issues efficiently and effectively, which means testing all applications and programs throughout the company. Ideally, security testing should be performed early in the process of the SDLC to reduce security costs. By leveraging a lean model for Rivalime's Application Security Services, we guarantee prompt completion of assessments, allowing your products to launch on a schedule that yields profitable results.

    How We Collaborate With You?

    Assessing Needs

    At Rivalime, we help you define the level of security that your IT network requires before proposing or installing any solution. We'll give you an in-depth, holistic consultation, assisting you in finding the right security solution.

    Design Plan

    Upon completing the assessment, you'll know exactly what security requirements you need. We will make sure your business's demands are met through our meticulous specification plan.


    This phase involves the deployment of IT security access controls for data centers and choosing security solutions based on the center's requirements. We build solutions that take into account your enterprise's past, present, and future.


    Optimizing data centers using leading-edge technologies is one of our core competencies. We establish a monitoring system to ensure the continuous improvement of the data center after the implementation of new measures and technologies.


    Experts at Rivalime provide support for all your global installation upgrades, maintenance, and troubleshooting needs. You will receive ongoing support following the completion of a project to ensure that your business continues to run smoothly.


    Employing industry-best solutions, we help clients balance budgets and business needs. Our team provides holistic project support, from consultation and design to implementation management.

    Save Yourself From Big Losses With Our Cost-Effective Web Application Security Solutions

    Applications are the backbone of your business, which relies on customers, so better application security is necessary for a better customer experience. Corporate brands are at risk of damage, legislation is breached, and other harmful consequences may arise from application security violations. It is common for applications to contain security flaws, which can have devastating consequences if left unresolved. However, remediating them later in the life cycle, before release, can be significantly more expensive. Testing early to find and eliminate potential application vulnerabilities is worth the effort since they account for the majority of data breaches and hacks.

    Rivalime has extended application security testing services to organizations that require more than just a typical security checkup. Based on your needs, we’ll create a secure digital environment to support existing or future solutions, restore your digital environment, and enhance your network security. We are constantly researching new methods of securing your assets. Our expert team will take care of your security issues so you can focus on growing your business. Your business objectives, risks, and threats to your organization are all factors that go into our testing and developing security solutions for your applications. 

    Our partnership with Rivalime has been great. Its team has handled projects beyond our capabilities. Their services have reduced our overall hardware footprint and their support team is responsive, reliable, and friendly.

    Andy IbarraCEO

    I worked with Rivalime’s CEO, where he supported me with presales work and added value to the team by bringing his extensive knowledge of the security industry.

    Eustaquio Follosco JrCTO

    By working with Rivalime, we were able to save time and money on our data center security project. They helped us maximize our resources in order to reach our IT and Security goals.

    William WallaceCEO


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