Datacenter Security

Rivalime’s futuristic security solutions offer peace of mind to keep intruders on check 24/7×365. 
Data is the most important in the world, and its security is paramount for every organization. The methods and planning that make a data center secure against threats, attacks, and illegal entry are data center security. Physical security, which necessitates site planning to avoid physical break-ins, and network security, which requires security professionals to install firewalls and anti-malware applications to prevent breaches, are two aspects of data center security.

Essential Elements of Datacenter Security

Layered Security

 RIVALIME's comprehensive layered system of a data center's security functions in cooperation with other elements. So potential intruders should have to get through numerous layers of security before getting to the server room's vital physical assets. 

Access Lists

By "Zero Trust" policy, RIVALIME has a comprehensive system to maintain access lists of staff coming on-premises of the datacenter. Only authorized personnel can enter server rooms for maintenance purposes by that method, and their access will be time-bound to their shifts.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is a cornerstone of physical security for data centers. RIVALIME provides the latest AI-enabled cameras with comprehensive monitoring and data backup options.

24x7x365 Security

RIVALIME has a vast pool of certified security personals retired from Law enforcement agencies. They are equipped with modern equipment to handle any type of situation on-premises. 

Load Balancing

Load balance optimizes workload distribution to maximize output, reduce response times, and guarantee the overload of all computing resources. 

 Network Firewall

Network firewalls are your primary defense against security threats and improve traffic, applications, and users control capability. RIVALIME works with talented engineers to define firewall regulations and policies to allow or refuse traffic based on security, compliance, and business needs.

File Integrity Monitoring

Our solution for file integrity monitors changes in real-time registry settings, folders, and files to alert for unauthorized or suspicious changes. The interactive dashboard gives complete info into whether and when a change occurs, who has done the action, and what can be done to restore the files if an alteration is not authorized.


Malware Protection

In maintaining the security of systems, applications, and data against ever-changing threats, malware protection is essential. To protect your infrastructure and malicious data from malicious activity, RIVALIME's advanced and constantly modernizing anti-viruses and anti-malware solution detects, removes, and enables spyware, malware, and trojans.

Vulnerability Management

To identify safety weaknesses, Vulnerability Management protects computers and critical applications by conducting profound inspections of systems. RIVALIME has built a unique solution to regularly test systems to check their vulnerabilities and strengthening their defenses, respectively.