Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Rivalime’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a process to force those users to access critical infrastructure with the right set of privileges.
IAM helps you to create and manage user groups to provide them with appropriate access levels depending on their positions.

Benefits of IAM

User Experience

IT administrators can use IAM tools to create unique digital identities for each user. Each user will need to provide set credentials. Users no longer have to manage multiple accounts for different corporate resources or applications.

Password Issues

IAM solutions make it easier to sign in, but they also prevent password-related problems such as sticky notes or excel password management and forgetting user credentials.

Enhanced Security

Employee can access IAM systems based on their roles. They cannot escalate privileges without authorization or a change in position. This reduces the risk of insider security threats.

Improved Efficiency

IAM systems are automated, AI, and machine learning. They allow administrators to automate many critical tasks associated with managing identities, authorization, and authentication.