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Struggling to protect data, manage user identities, and secure access? Rivalime’s Identity & Access Management solutions can help secure your system and increase user control.

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    Our Areas of Expertise

    Drawing on our wealth of experience, Rivalime provides full-service Identity and Access Management (IAM) consulting programs that facilitate the successful execution, management, and optimization of sophisticated solutions for large corporations. Working with Rivalime's IAM specialists gives you the advantage of their decades of knowledge and expertise in designing and managing IT systems that secure data while complying with stringent regulations.

    • Data Governance

    • Identity Governance

    • Identity Manager

    • Privileged Access Management

    • Single Sign-On Management

    • Multi-factor authentication

    Govern your data, reduce security risks, and enable the correct personnel to access the permitted resources with Rivalime Data Governance services. Rather than depending on IT staff, this service allows business owners to take control of data access governance tools directly. It involves managing user identity, access, and permissions while overseeing the lifecycle of user accounts and access privileges. Rivalime's effective data governance in IAM services helps organizations ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and prevent data breaches, unauthorized access, and insider threats.

    Rivalime's top-of-the-line IGA service is here to help, offering round-the-clock surveillance and assistance to protect your enterprise against danger connected to users having inappropriate or needless authorizations. Rivalime's experts can develop and implement policies and procedures, establish access controls, and monitor user activity to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. They can also assist with streamlining user access and offboarding, reducing the risk of insider threats, and enhancing overall security in IAM systems.

    An Identity Manager is responsible for managing identities and making sure that only authorized individuals have access to the technology resources needed for their jobs. With extensive experience safeguarding businesses, our professionals collaborate with you to comprehend and administer digital identities, outline Personas and roles, devise Identity management plans, and consult to obtain desired outcomes.

    Data and intellectual property require vigilant protection, and security teams must remain ever-alert. Privileged Access Management (PAM) services are an essential element of the security solution that businesses have to grapple with when searching for the most effective way to secure access. At Rivalime, we specialize in automating the privilege access management process, which will help you save both time and money and offer an improved level of monitoring and safeguard your valuable privileged accounts from possible breaches. Our PAM helps organizations reduce the risk of insider threats and external attacks by enforcing strict access controls and monitoring privileged user activity in real-time.

    Enhance safety protocols and boost the customer, employee, and partner experience through Rivalime's single sign-on management service. Through the use of centralized authentication, Rivalime limits access to confidential information to only those users with authorization. Their experts design and implement custom SSO solutions that simplify user access to multiple systems and applications with a single set of credentials. With SSO, Rivalime helps organizations enhance user productivity and experience by reducing the time and effort required to access various applications.

    Rivalime's multi-factor authentication solutions guarantee that your users are authentic. We implement an adaptive, risk-based approach that adds an extra layer of security to user authentication to ensure a safe and productive work environment. Our MFA solutions can be customized to suit an organization's specific needs and can be implemented across multiple systems and applications to enhance security in IAM systems.

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    Meet your Business's Security needs with Rivalime Identity and Access Management Consulting

    With the swift adoption of digital technology, organizations must accelerate their product and service delivery to stay competitive. Unfortunately, this increased exposure can also open the door for malicious cyber attacks, not to mention a greater demand for compliance with new laws and regulations. Access control to digital resources is an essential element of powerful cyber security. We, at Rivalime, will assist your organization in effectively implementing IAM technologies so that outsiders, such as clients, collaborators, and suppliers, can access the system without jeopardizing security.

    How We Collaborate With You?

    Assessing Needs

    At Rivalime, we help you define the level of security that your IT network requires before proposing or installing any solution. We'll give you an in-depth, holistic consultation, assisting you in finding the right security solution.

    Design Plan

    Upon completing the assessment, you'll know exactly what security requirements you need. We will make sure your business's demands are met through our meticulous specification plan.


    This phase involves the deployment of IT security access controls for data centers and choosing security solutions based on the center's requirements. We build solutions that take into account your enterprise's past, present, and future.


    Optimizing data centers using leading-edge technologies is one of our core competencies. We establish a monitoring system to ensure the continuous improvement of the data center after the implementation of new measures and technologies.


    Experts at Rivalime provide support for all your global installation upgrades, maintenance, and troubleshooting needs. You will receive ongoing support following the completion of a project to ensure that your business continues to run smoothly.


    Employing industry-best solutions, we help clients balance budgets and business needs. Our team provides holistic project support, from consultation and design to implementation management.

    How Identity And Access Management Solutions Can Profit Your Business?

    Businesses can rely heavily on IAM for security and productivity. Security protocols with a single point of authentication, such as a password, are not ideal since the user’s information is accessed or stolen, and the whole organization may be left exposed and vulnerable to attack. With a single login to the IAM portal, you can eliminate the hassle of staff remembering passwords or privileges. Everyone will have access to the necessary tools for their position, and authorization can be provided at the group or role level rather than on a person-by-person basis, lightening up the IT department’s load.

    An identity and access management framework can enable your IT managers to effectively control user access to confidential data in the organization. Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution systems encompass one-time passwords, multifactor authentication, and privileged access management. These systems secure the storage of identity information and associated data while executing data governance measures to prevent the unauthorized sharing of sensitive details.

    However, Without the necessary support for identity standards and readily available integrations, any custom coding you need for your new applications will become a time-consuming roadblock to your digital business goals. 

    Rivalime IAM consulting experts offer the most exceptional identity and access solution services to resolve all the IAM issues of your online venture, ranging from personalized interaction, consistent user experience, reliable authorization, innovative authentication, and budget-friendly access risk administration.

    Our partnership with Rivalime has been great. Its team has handled projects beyond our capabilities. Their services have reduced our overall hardware footprint and their support team is responsive, reliable, and friendly.

    Andy IbarraCEO

    I worked with Rivalime’s CEO, where he supported me with presales work and added value to the team by bringing his extensive knowledge of the security industry.

    Eustaquio Follosco JrCTO

    By working with Rivalime, we were able to save time and money on our data center security project. They helped us maximize our resources in order to reach our IT and Security goals.

    William WallaceCEO


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