Identity Governance and Administration

Rivalime’s IGA Solution helps by lowering risk, enhancing identity access control, and increasing compliance and audit performance. Identity governance and administration solutions assist organizations in overhauling their security strategy. It also helps them be more effective and productive and lower expenses by reducing administrative time and automating labor-intensive processes.

Rivalime's IGA Includes the Following Tools:

Identity governance and administration solutions assist organizations in managing their user identities throughout their lifespan.
An identity governance and management solution work a combination of tools like

Passwords Management

Password managers and single sign-on services prevent your users from using the same weak passwords across several apps, safeguarding your company from a security attack.

Automate workflows

You can automate operations like onboarding and offboarding users, assigning different degrees of access to other roles, and granting users access to apps and systems.



Companies may stay compliant with industry-specific and general data-focused laws by using logging, reporting, and analytics features. These techniques can also assist in identifying possible possibilities or hazards for optimization.

Permissions Management

Businesses can automate the provisioning and de-provisioning of access rights at the user and application level, streamlining the assessment and verification of user access to multiple apps and resources. They may also establish and control access through user roles and specify and validate the activities that users can do in various apps.