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Manage & Govern your organization’s digital identities and access to increase visibility, comply with regulations, and reduce operating costs with Rivalime identity governance & administration solutions.

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    Guard your business against data breaches with Rivalime's adept identity governance professionals. Streamline and digitize your business operations with Rivalime's expert knowledge of IGA solutions and advanced tools that ensure simplified user identity life-cycle management. Unmatched in the industry, we offer tailored approaches to implement and manage a robust, secure, and efficient IGA system. Let us assist you in making the right move to improve your business operations.

    • Regulatory Compliance & Standards

    • Data Ownership

    • Enterprise Data Management

    • Data Security

    • Data Quality Gvernance

    • Centralized Visibility

    A powerful Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution from Rivalime will guarantee your organization's compliance. Rivalime's IGA services adhere to a wide range of regulatory compliance standards, including GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS. With a speedy setup process, you can trust our team of professionals to synchronize IT infrastructure with company regulations, validate user privileges, and keep identity credentials up-to-date. We consistently audit systems and undergo external evaluations to uphold our high standards of regulatory conformity, while refining our practices to remain in sync with the most current standards and regulations.

    Rivalime's IGA services provide our clients with complete data ownership and control. Without burdening the IT admin team, our data security experts grant data owners full control over their resources, empowering them to determine who can access what, where, and when. Our integrated compliance checks empower them to compare current rights with desired ones, identifying risky differences. As part of our commitment to our clients, we ensure that their data remains their own and that they have the ability to access, modify, and delete it at any time.

    Get the most out of our IGA expertise and make effective IT decisions. Let us manage your entire IGA life-cycle, which allows you to easily control self-service access requests, data quality, approvals, violations, and API tokens in real-time. With many years of data management experience, our team partners with our clients to comprehend their individual needs and supply custom-built solutions. Utilizing Rivalime's enterprise data management services, our clients are able to effectively manage their data and gain valuable insights in order to further their business success.

    Rivalime's data security solutions are designed to protect our clients' sensitive data from unauthorized access, theft, or breach. We guarantee compliance with corporate data security and access control policies, safeguarding vital company resources from potential intrusion. We ensure the security of our clients' data with advanced measures like data encryption, multi-factor authentication, access controls, and firewalls. Our team of experts continually check for potential threats and vulnerabilities to guarantee our clients' data remains safe.

    Ensuring the quality of your data is a pivotal step in realizing a successful Identity Governance & Administration project. We provide our clients with a comprehensive solution to manage their data quality, including data profiling, cleansing, and enrichment capabilities. Our managed services can help you govern access to important files and documents containing high-value data. We provide our clients with ongoing support to ensure their data quality governance processes are effective and efficient.

    Centralized visibility is essential for effective identity governance and administration, and Rivalime's IGA services excel in providing this functionality. With centralized visibility, organizations can easily monitor and manage user access across all their systems and applications from a single platform. Through IGA, we provide security program owners with a simplified view of their provisioning entitlements in one central location. This helps increase protection while eliminating the need to access multiple systems to observe their allotted rights.

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    Overcome your Security & Compliance Challenges with our IGA Solutions

    With EnterisCloud, innovative companies around the world store and grow their data in the cloud, enabling business agility, innovation, and efficiency across industries. Our data storage consulting servicdes are perfect for professional cloud storage because of their exceptionally high performance, security, and data protection. You will always be in full control of your data with the guarantee of reversibility, which makes it possible for you to recover your data at any time without any problems.

    How We Collaborate With You?

    Assessing Needs

    At Rivalime, we help you define the level of security that your IT network requires before proposing or installing any solution. We'll give you an in-depth, holistic consultation, assisting you in finding the right security solution.

    Design Plan

    Upon completing the assessment, you'll know exactly what security requirements you need. We will make sure your business's demands are met through our meticulous specification plan.


    This phase involves the deployment of IT security access controls for data centers and choosing security solutions based on the center's requirements. We build solutions that take into account your enterprise's past, present, and future.


    Optimizing data centers using leading-edge technologies is one of our core competencies. We establish a monitoring system to ensure the continuous improvement of the data center after the implementation of new measures and technologies.


    Experts at Rivalime provide support for all your global installation upgrades, maintenance, and troubleshooting needs. You will receive ongoing support following the completion of a project to ensure that your business continues to run smoothly.


    Employing industry-best solutions, we help clients balance budgets and business needs. Our team provides holistic project support, from consultation and design to implementation management.

    Why Should IGA Solutions Matter To Your Business?

    What makes identity governance and administration such a crucial component of enterprise IT management? By setting up secure access controls, IGA solutions not only allow organizations to protect sensitive information, like patient records or financial data, but they also serve as proof of these security measures.

    An identity governance solution that provides accurate and straightforward periodic review and attestation of access with embedded reporting features to abide by relevant regulations can make compliance simple and efficient. Adopting a visual methodology for the data collection could also significantly improve this process, allowing it to be quickly integrated into any organization.

    Rivalime is the go-to identity governance and administration provider. Our team of experts works with you to develop a cost-efficient and comprehensive IGA solution that ensures everyone has appropriate access within a complex IT landscape, making sure only authorized individuals can grant entry to the right resources. Utilizing the most current IGA strategies, we offer unparalleled management for your identity repositories and access rights.

    By employing Rivalimes’ identity governance and administration solutions, you can take effective steps to protect your organization and staff from evolving security threats with minimal disruption. Not only will this quickly yield a return on investment, but it’s a versatile solution that is well-suited to businesses with thousands of personnel and applications in need of identity management.

    Our partnership with Rivalime has been great. Its team has handled projects beyond our capabilities. Their services have reduced our overall hardware footprint and their support team is responsive, reliable, and friendly.

    Andy IbarraCEO

    I worked with Rivalime’s CEO, where he supported me with presales work and added value to the team by bringing his extensive knowledge of the security industry.

    Eustaquio Follosco JrCTO

    By working with Rivalime, we were able to save time and money on our data center security project. They helped us maximize our resources in order to reach our IT and Security goals.

    William WallaceCEO


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