Privileged Access Management

Today’s data breaches are primarily due to privileged account access misuse. The use of PAM has grown more critical since it helps companies minimize the risk of data breaches by reducing the attack surface. Rivalime’s Privileged Access Management solutions aid clients in consolidating identities, providing least-privilege access, and managing shared accounts while protecting remote access and performing audit trails for all privileged sessions.

Manage Privileged Identities

Privileged identity and access management (PIAM) capabilities can check if a given user or device has the right to make privileged requests. Attack surface reduction may make by removing local accounts and lowering the number of accounts and passwords.

Elevate and Delegate Privilege

Groups with special rights on the controlled system are given to logged-in users by Rivalime Agents. Both host-based command filtering and privilege elevation involve these two practices. Privileged Elevation and Delegation Management help accomplish essential functions (PEDM).

Manage Privileged Accounts and Sessions

To facilitate the administration of privileged accounts, go ahead and discover accounts that are accessible on systems, devices, and apps. Protected accounts are vaulted. Human users, services, and apps then have access to those accounts. Privileged access session management (PASM) capabilities (e.g., sessions with possible credential injection and full session recording) allow privileged users to start sessions and for those sessions to capture their whole interactions.