Secure Access Gateway

Rivalime’s Secure Web Gateway has been a prominent provider of network management solutions for ten straight years. Rivalime SWG is a supervisory internet behavior management solution consisting of professional internet bandwidth management, app control, URL filters, traffic monitoring, information control, illegal hotspot/proxy control, behavioral analysis, wireless network management, and many more features. This solution will help you accomplish efficient web filtering and the unified administration of all customers in the whole network.

Benefits of Secure Access Gateway

Access control list (ACL)

ACL is maintained for every resource to keep them safe from unauthorized access. ACL ensures that only authorized persons access all resources.


Connect your surroundings in a matter of seconds, manage a mapping between your local and remote places, and keep an eye on everything.


All Secure Gateway connections may be easily customized to include TLS encryption and mutual authentication in addition to other features.


Resource monitoring

With Rivalime's SWG, you can monitor all your Secure gateway services on our universal dashboard to continuously monitor every resource and threat.

Load balancing

You may link several instances of the Secure Gateway Service client to your gateway using Professional and Enterprise subscriptions to automatically use the built-in load balancing connections and the failure of the connection if one of the client instances fails.


Intelligent Traffic Management

Rivalime's SWG uses three main traffic management methods to increase bandwidth usage by more than 30 percent. Dynamic Traffic Management changes traffic control rules automatically and allocates idle bandwidth resources effectively. Intelligent Flow Control controls up- and downlink traffic P2P accurately and may tailor traffic 'packages' for various users, provide particular traffic quotas and bandwidth limits to heavier users.