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    Rivalime's Web Application Firewall solutions guard websites, applications, and other digital enterprises from malicious intrusions, traffic threats, and other security issues, guaranteeing security and continuous operation for businesses. We have specifically engineered our web application firewall services to assist you in managing all network security concerns for your business. By entrusting complex and time-intensive Web Application Firewall management to our adept team, we ensure optimal application security while diminishing operational costs. Our experts vigilantly review, adjust, and maintain policies for continuous protection.

    • Defend Against DDoS Attacks

    • Enhanced Website Performance & Security

    • A Global Cloud-Based Security Solution

    • Smooth Deployment & Maintenance

    • Automated and Intelligent Risk Management

    DDoS attacks send so much traffic to a website that they cause it to crash or interfere with its normal operations. Rivalime offers comprehensive DDoS protection services that help organizations defend against both network and application layer attacks. Our intelligent WAF experts take a multi-layer protection approach against DDoS attacks that protect your website from sudden traffic surges. Our service includes a sophisticated detection system that leverages machine learning algorithms to recognize and mitigate DDoS attacks. With Rivalime's DDoS protection services, organizations can be confident that their networks and applications are secure and available, even in the face of a massive DDoS attack.

    Rivalime's Website Performance & Security solutions help organizations improve their website's speed and security. Our WAF solutions assist you in preventing a variety of cyber-security attacks, such as spyware, viruses, worms, phishing, cross-site scripting, and SQL injections. This leads to improved website performance and augmented security. With Rivalime's Enhanced Website Performance & Security services, organizations can improve their website's performance and protect their data while providing a better user experience for their visitors.

    Rivalime's solution provides comprehensive security coverage for cloud-based and on-premise environments, helping organizations safeguard their data and assets from a wide range of cyber threats, including malware, phishing, and ransomware. Our servers are spread across the globe to provide users with the most efficient data delivery experience. We can adapt our application performance and security requirements to your company's dynamic needs, whether they involve public or private clouds, customer-operated facilities, or a combination of both.

    Rivalime virtual web application firewall provides flexible deployments and configuration options. We make it easy to implement without requiring extra installation, DNS configuration, SSL/TLS certificates, or reverse proxy setup. Our team of experts also provides regular updates and enhancements to the WAF services to ensure that customers have access to the latest security features and protection against emerging threats. With Rivalime's commitment to customer support and ongoing innovation, customers can trust in a seamless and effective deployment of their WAF services.

    Rivalime's intelligent risk management solution offers an effective way for organizations to enhance their security posture and protect against a wide range of cyber threats. With Managed rule sets, we constantly monitor IP reliability and exclusive data to prevent online threats. We have incorporated automated systems that use network flow and HTTP attack traffic fingerprinting to recognize and avoid any potential danger before it can do any harm.

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    Reinforce Your Safety Measures With Rivalime's Reliable Web Application Firewall Solutions

    App-targeted attacks are the principal factor behind security breaches. Deploying a suitable web application firewall (WAF) is the best way to thwart the range of attempts to obtain sensitive information, thereby protecting your infrastructure. At Rivalime, we understand the importance of protecting small and large businesses from the various security risks they face. With our persistent website security plans, we offer high-caliber web application security solutions and reassurance, enabling you to dedicate more attention to the essential operations of your business.

    How We Collaborate With You?

    Assessing Needs

    At Rivalime, we help you define the level of security that your IT network requires before proposing or installing any solution. We'll give you an in-depth, holistic consultation, assisting you in finding the right security solution.

    Design Plan

    Upon completing the assessment, you'll know exactly what security requirements you need. We will make sure your business's demands are met through our meticulous specification plan.


    This phase involves the deployment of IT security access controls for data centers and choosing security solutions based on the center's requirements. We build solutions that take into account your enterprise's past, present, and future.


    Optimizing data centers using leading-edge technologies is one of our core competencies. We establish a monitoring system to ensure the continuous improvement of the data center after the implementation of new measures and technologies.


    Experts at Rivalime provide support for all your global installation upgrades, maintenance, and troubleshooting needs. You will receive ongoing support following the completion of a project to ensure that your business continues to run smoothly.


    Employing industry-best solutions, we help clients balance budgets and business needs. Our team provides holistic project support, from consultation and design to implementation management.

    Why Should Your Business Have A Web Application Firewall?

    Many businesses depend on web applications to amplify the efficiency of their websites and optimize the user experience. Unfortunately, as with all computer programs, web applications also come with safety threats. Malicious hackers attack eCommerce applications, authentication portals, and web forms to acquire confidential data and carry out fraudulent activities. Business owners should strongly consider implementing a web application firewall to prevent fraud. 

    A web application firewall is a powerful tool that your business can use to control access to its web applications and protect itself from potential security problems. It proactively supervises web applications to identify and eliminate data breaches, such as source code disclosure, credit card numbers, and confidential server information.

    A High-Quality WAF Regularly Scans and Updates Web Applications to Protect your Data from the Latest Risk

    In addition, a web application firewall adds a strong shield of defense for your web applications, yet its potency is improved when coupled with other security measures. WAFs should be integrated into an all-inclusive website security system, including intrusion prevention, web filtering, and email security.

    Rivalime’s web application firewall services leverage the most advanced defensive measures to safeguard web applications from modern threats and reduce cyber security risks while ensuring compliance with essential laws and regulations. Our security experts will guide you through the ideal WAF deployment, configure your network, and link it to other protective solutions. 

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    Our partnership with Rivalime has been great. Its team has handled projects beyond our capabilities. Their services have reduced our overall hardware footprint and their support team is responsive, reliable, and friendly.

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    I worked with Rivalime’s CEO, where he supported me with presales work and added value to the team by bringing his extensive knowledge of the security industry.

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    By working with Rivalime, we were able to save time and money on our data center security project. They helped us maximize our resources in order to reach our IT and Security goals.

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