Watchguard Network Security and Firewall Review

Watchguard Firewall

Watchguard XTM 1050 and 2050

The WatchGuard firewall (NGFW) series has two elite execution stages, the XTM 1050 and the XTM 2050, which give entirely extensible, venture class assurance and usefulness shields. They designated both central command, server farms and oversaw security specialist organizations. WatchGuard’s lead, innovative items give genuine line-speed security investigation on all traffic and backing multi-gigabit parcel separating throughput.

Likewise, this groundbreaking line gives application control and associates workplaces through novel intuitive VPN. SSL and IPSec VPN interfaces give organizations an unrivaled perception of continuous and verifiable client, organization, and security exercises. WatchGuard characterizes, upholds, and reviews solid security and OK use approaches, bringing about expanded worker efficiency and less danger to fundamental protected innovation or client information.

This across-the-board arrangement incorporates IPS, Application Control, other discretionary security administrations, and LiveSecurity to set aside the time and cash related to dealing with various single-point security items.

WatchGuard Network Security administration fixes many security concerns for clients across different organizations. WatchGuard Network Security’s way to deal with entryway security gives us a component-rich organization switch we can arrange for robust organization security. Principle substantial utilizations are URL sifting and application control. An inward feeling of harmony highlights incorporates the Antivirus, APT blocker, SPAM blocker, etc.

The firewall is easy to use, and when you get acclimated, there are limitless use cases for it. We have executed a wide range of kinds of organizations for various applications.

WatchGuard Pros and Cons


  • Professionals
  • URL sifting
  • Application control
  • Observing and announcing
  • Switch capacities
  • Simple Administration. You can use orders if you like, yet you don’t need to with WatchGuard. There is a straightforward GUI for managing arrangements and every component of the security gadget. You can associate straightforwardly through a protected web interface, or you can download a customer and control it from that point.

Anyhow, it’s essential and straightforward.

  • Above all, WatchGuard is extraordinary at security. We have used it for a long time, and various areas and gadgets, and I have never seen it fizzle. In case there is a security break, it is because of an awful arrangement. It ensures anticipation of potential security threats. There are countless highlights to gadgets.
  • Notwithstanding firewall security, it wipes out the requirement for buying other equipment and programming. It has inherent expense investment funds if you decide to use the elements. IPS, entryway antivirus/against malware, web hindering, VPN, and the rundown continues.
  • WatchGuard coordinates with Active Directory to give or deny consent. You can set up accounts on the gadget, making another client record and secret phrase for the clients. You can also incorporate with AD and allot consents dependent on the singular form or gathering.
  • Moving up to another WatchGuard gadget from a more established model is pretty much as straightforward as anyone might imagine. The devices get supported effortlessly. You need to reestablish your present arrangement document for the new gadget. There may be a couple of changes if the model is different. (It very well may be something like changing the number of ports on the gadget or showing the variant number of the firmware.)
  • Support allows you to plan reinforcements, and you can essentially click a button and save the setup record. It effortlessly reestablished the gadget from this reinforcement. Likewise, you can download a comprehensible setup report! It has a diagram toward the start of the information so you can observe the data you need with little of a stretch.

The design configuration report shows ALL settings in the gadget. The information is very long, a direct result of attention to detail, yet simple to peruse. The setup report is an excellent reference.

  • Different things I like: There are inherent outlines and charts in the Web UI. There is likewise a traffic screen that is effectively separated. You can have the approaches open on one screen and the screen looking in one more to check whether strategy changes influence access. You can pick whether individual strategies get logged.

This helps when you don’t have to see repetitive traffic.


  • More applications and highlights in Application Control
  • Pre-configured VPN customer with IP, client.
  • Likeness Fortinet VPN or PepVPN
  • A minor negative for WatchGuard is that the firewall arrangements can’t highlight a space. It should underline IP locations or IP ranges. Suppose there is a powerful space that you need to permit/deny. In that case, arrange it using their WebBlocker related to strategies. It takes a smidgen more rationale to make that work. I’ve just run into that once, and in the wake of sorting out some way to do it, it would not be an issue to arrange it once more. 99.9% of what you need to permit/deny has no issue using static IP addresses.
  • WatchGuard incorporates effectively with Active Directory. There is an SSO (single sign-on) highlight. If you use AD for SSO to decide client authorizations, it sometimes doesn’t invigorate the client’s point at which they sign on and off. There is a customer to introduce on a server to peruse who signed in on which gadget.

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