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WatchGuard is a Seattle-based network security provider that delivers many integrated, world-class multi-function threat management tools to large and small businesses. Its security solutions provide high-throughput and are highly scalable and flexible, keeping up with the rapidly developing threat landscape.

It enhances network visibility and uses AI-powered malware protection. WatchGuard Network Security uses cloud and virtual firewalls to protect the entire network from malware, phishing, ransomware, and other intrusion attacks. It’s a unified security platform that provides enterprise-grade security network visibility tools.

Also, it yields dramatically higher performance than the competition in multi-engine security environments at a much lower cost.

WatchGuard Network Security helps create content filtering policies and performs VPN and network inspections. Other features include threat detection, built-in SD-WAN, network discovery, and application control.

Watchguard provides a system manager to centralize all Firebox tools across the network.

WatchGuard Basic Security Suite

Proxy Services:

It inspects the additional traffic and decrypts it to expose any malware trying to infiltrate your network.

Block Unexpected Traffic:

Block connections outside your network, from a known user, or allowed explicitly by established policies.

Application Control:

You can block unwanted applications in your business networks and apps.

Intrusion Prevention:

The network security uses AI to track and analyze Big Data, preventing random attacks in real-time.

Gateway AntiVirus:

WatchGuard Network Security decrypts the content, detects, and filters viruses before they penetrate your network.


You can block traffic from specific regions or countries.

Web Blocker Category Based Web Access Control:

Block sites you don’t want getting accessed on your network.

WatchGuard Network Security

Network Discovery:

WatchGuard Network Security scans traffic and identifies unwanted networks in your business environment.

Reputation Enabled Defense:

Automatically block traffic from hackers or spam sites. Also, it automatically blocks traffic for 20 minutes when your connection disappears. The firewall quickly detects and jams the tireless, automated attack tools hackers use. The system typically blocks unwarranted internet addresses.

WatchGuard Total Security Suite

Threat Detection and Response:

Automatically detects and eliminates crypto-ware before gaining control over your device. However, the application needs to get installed on the device.

Advanced Persistent Threat Blocker:

Emulates user devices using sandbox technology to identify and eliminate sophisticated ransomware attacks.

Access Portal:

Provides a single login for users to access hosted applications like email, customer portals, and remote access systems.

Intelligent AntiVirus:

WatchGuard Network Security uses AI to automate malware discovery and to block. Also, it uses deep statistical analysis to identify malware quickly.

Data Loss Prevention:

Tracks data patterns and blocks unwanted sharing.

DNS Watch:

Prevents secret misdirection to mirror hacker sites by verifying lookups and directing users to authentic networks.

Network Connections

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Connections:

Establishes secure network connections between mobile devices and your business network from anywhere in the world.

Multiple Internet Connections:

It uses Software-Defined Wide Area Networking to Keep businesses online by incorporating Best Route and Fail-over between different internet connections.

Multiple Internal Networks: It provides physical network segmentation. For instance, it separates security camera networks from user devices connected to on-premise Wi-Fi networks.

WatchGuard Firewall Proxy Services

Watchguard Firewalls use proxy services to decrypt, inspect, and encrypt most of your internet traffic before sending it to your network. Standard internet routers directly convey encrypted data to your device, and your devices decrypt it to sort out any malware. It ensures that businesses maintain the right HIPPA, PCI, or FINRA compliance standards and maintain a secure internet connection.

If Proxy Services do not protect your internet connection, you cannot be secure.

WatchGuard Dimension

The firewall monitors networks by sending traffic logs to the Watchguard Dimension server, which helps enhance response to alerts and notifies users in real-time. It also allows for scheduled report generation at executive levels. Users get informed about threats in real-time and can react appropriately. To ensure privacy, it logs data on the server. Still, it does not log or record content like email messages, streaming content, and web pages.

Logging only Tracks:

  • Destination Host
  • Device Source
  • Network Connection Statistics: Volume/Velocity/errors
  • Port/Protocol/ communication type (Port 25 represents email, port 80 is for web)
  • Problems detected by the firewall’s automatic filter setup
  • Date and Time
  • Data Volume (in bytes)

WatchGuard Cloud

WatchGuard Cloud allows the firewall to send log data for analysis, reporting, alerting, automated response, and management from anywhere. It enhances the detection and response to security threats in real-time.

Many successful networks hackers leverage stolen user credentials. Most people like to use one password for different sites. However, Watchguard employs a Multi-Factor Authentication service that protects networks against compromised user passwords by deploying two-factor authentication. It uses an advanced login portal to secure the web resources used by your business within the network and on third-party sites.

WatchGuard uses DNS Go to protect users’ web searches by ensuring that the internet address lookups return to a safe site that hackers cannot redirect.


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