Why is Data Center Security Important?



Back in the day, data centers were mainly used by government agencies and financial institutions. In these days, data center security consulting solutions were not a big concern as these organizations had their own security protocols and policies in place. With the growth of cloud computing and data center managed services, data center have become part of our daily lives. Almost every organization that deals with customer data utilize the services of a data center to store and process this information. The recent rise in cyber attacks on data centers has made it necessary for all organizations to take data security seriously before hiring data center managed services.

Data centers are the brains of the operation. So logically, they must be protected at all costs. In a world where cyber-attacks are rising, protecting your data centers is more important than ever. 

Think of your data centers as a brain. It stores and manages sensitive information, including financial records, personal information, and intellectual property. If that information is compromised, it can cause massive damage to your company and its customers. A strategically situated data centers will be located some distance away from other offices or headquarters associated with it. A reasonable rule of thumb is 20 miles, and staying at least 100 feet away from the main road is also recommended.

Heavy storms, floods, and severe cyclones have become more frequent in recent decades. It is critical to safeguard a facility from high-risk man-made and natural disaster zones in order to keep information safe and secure. Airports, chemical industries, and power plants are all examples of high-risk sites where an external force might damage data.

Information Security Risks


The number of cyber-attacks is on the rise. According to IBM’s 2019 Cost of a Data Breach Report, malicious or criminal attacks were the most common cause of data breaches in 2019, accounting for 43% of incidents. One out of four attacks take months or longer to identify and contain, resulting in an average total cost of nearly 4 million dollars per incident.

Reputation Damage

A cyber attack can not only result in stolen information and lost revenue; it can also hurt your reputation with customers and partners alike. A recent study shows that 20% of consumers lose trust in a company after a breach has been reported. 

What’s more, 60% believe their personal information is less secure than it was five years ago.

Data center security solutions are extremely important. It is so important, in fact, that we have created an infographic with the title “Why is Data Center Security Is Important.” Datacenter security is important because it’s the difference between your organization being the next data breach story splashed across all the major news networks. Your organization is that one business that never got hacked.

If you’re still on the fence, consider this: it only takes one data breach for customers to not want to do business with you. And once that happens, all those people who used to trust you with their personal information and hard-earned money are going to go to a competitor, and they’re going to tell all their friends about how you were hacked and cost them a lot of time and money. This isn’t a risk you can take lightly—as soon as you become a data breach statistic, your reputation is tarnished forever. The good news? It’s not difficult at all to prevent data breaches if you know what to look for. 

Anyone who has ever lost their phone or had their laptop stolen knows the feeling: not only do you lose the device, but you lose all the information it was holding. If you were like me and had your email, photos, and everything else saved on your device, then you know how much of a pain it is to get that stuff back.

If losing your own personal data center feels like a tragedy, imagine what it feels like for a business to lose that information! It’s not just passwords and pictures of my cat—it’s trade secrets, intellectual property, client information, or anything else that gives them a competitive edge. The security of data centers is paramount to any organization because they are an important piece in the company’s ability to effectively compete with others.

What is the Level of Security in Data Centers?

Some of the most secure data centers are those that are both physically and digitally safe. Every entry, exit, and access point has cameras that are operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year is what data center managed services provider offers. In addition to ID cards and key fobs, biometric identification has become a common method of securing admission to a data center.

What are Some of the Methods Used by Data Centers to Keep Data Secure?

Data center security solutions provide data safety by utilizing redundant storage, redundant internet connection, and cloud hosting for critical information.


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