Why Rivalime is the Best Data Center Security Provider?



Datacenter security is vital for each organization. Its wellbeing requires pre-emptive security arrangements and hardware. Robust protection in Datacenters is essential to shield customer information from curious eyes. Rivalime upholds a complete nearby and virtual security arrangement to guarantee the wellbeing of business server farms.

Rivalime Datacenter Security gives plan, execution, and upkeep administrations of the most unique server farm security arrangements highlighted by the most recent industry prerequisites and laws. Our beloved shields are the biometric distinctive mark and iris perusers for access control and video movement location for our CCTV server farm security frameworks.

Rivalime’s Datacenter security arrangements get fabricated and conveyed with complete confirmations to guarantee that your IT foundation is secure. Rivalime’s advanced security arrangements offer genuine serenity to keep network-gatecrashers away from your Datacenter 24/7×365.

Fundamental Components of Datacenter Security

Layered Security

RIVALIME offers a thorough layered arrangement of a server farm security capacities in collaboration with different components. So potential interlopers ought to traverse various safety layers before getting to the server room’s crucial resources.

Access Records

Using the “Zero Trust” strategy, RIVALIME has a far-reaching framework to keep up with access arrangements of staff coming on-premises of the data center. Just approved faculty can go into server spaces for support by that strategy.

Their entrance will be time-bound to their movements.

Video Reconnaissance

Video reconnaissance is a foundation of actual security for server farms. RIVALIME furnishes the most recent simulated intelligence empowered cameras with extensive observing and information reinforcement choices.

24x7x365 Security

RIVALIME has a massive pool of confirmed security personnel resigned from Law requirement organizations. They get outfitted with present-day gear to deal with a circumstance on-premises.

Burden Adjusting

Burden balance improves responsibility conveyance to amplify yield, diminish reaction times, and assure the over-burden of all processing assets.

Organization Firewall

Organization firewalls are your essential safeguard against security dangers and further develop traffic, applications, and client control ability. RIVALIME works with capable architects to characterize firewall guidelines and arrangements to permit or decline traffic dependent on security, consistency, and business needs.

Document Trustworthiness Observing

We offer quality document respectability screens, changes, vault settings, envelopes. Including progressive records to highlight and alarm unapproved changes.

Rivalime offers intelligent dashboards that give comprehensive information on whether and when a change happens, who has done the activity, and how to re-establish the documents if a change is not approved.

Malware Security

Malware assurance is fundamental in keeping frameworks, applications, and information security against developing dangers. RIVALIME’s security measures are high level, and ever-modernizing against infections and hostile malware arrangement distinguishes. We implement solutions that eliminate spyware, malware, and trojans to shield your framework and information from vindictive action.

Executive Security Management

Rivalime solutions manage PCs and basic applications by directing significant assessments of frameworks to distinguish security shortcomings and weaknesses. RIVALIME has assembled an excellent answer for consistently testing frameworks to examine weaknesses and reinforce their guards individually.

Do your security subject experts and assets have the fundamental abilities to guarantee security?

Rivalime Supplies Application Security Testing Administrations With:


You can screen and deal with your security evaluations using our consistent solutions regardless of location. You can plan tests, select the measure of testing you need, and make changes when your organization’s necessities or dangers change.


We offer versatile testing choices for asset obliged organizations that can get used on request, by membership, or on location.


A total assessment of information, point-by-point detailing, and down-to-earth fix ideas are essential for our mixed, manual, and apparatus-based appraisal procedure.


The nature of tests will be something very similar for a wide range of uses.


We can seamlessly walk you through the discoveries of your tests and help you foster the best arrangement for your necessities. Rivalime has ongoing Interruption Identification and Counteraction Framework IDPs.

The board can assist you with keeping a safe network climate

Looking at network traffic designs for weaknesses turns out to be more troublesome yet substantially more fundamental in a mind-boggling IT framework. To keep up with solid, continuous security observation and investigation, you should progressively oversee interruption recognition and anticipation frameworks (IDPs).

Conventional strategies are regularly restrictively costly and bound to explicit IDPS establishments. Using a nonpartisan seller method, you might develop your security by utilizing a more direct, level evaluating procedure.


Rivalime offers technological cures by distinguishing fatal attacks using IDPS devices. The hindering components kick in and permit network administrators to make a timely move. In some instances, it is workable for IT groups to get excluded from making any move once an assault gets eliminated.

Likewise, it keeps up with the interaction other than routine observing for peculiar conduct. It is also conceivable to do checks to exhibition IT equipment and security parts using IDPS apparatuses.

It ensures that a continuous security foundation is set and remains useful throughout

Rivalime has fostered a complete set-up of answers for shield networks from a wide range of present-day dangers arising to think twice about data centers. Rivalime has a total system to remain one stride ahead to meet any threat to data centers.

Datacenters are the spine of any business in the 21st century. Securing their assurance is the first concern for each association in the constantly developing danger range.


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